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Your dog, you need to realize, is one of the most sensitive and intelligent animals around. This is true for all kinds of breeds. Hence, like a human being would not like being harshly told what to do or being misbehaved at, a dog too would not take to a training regimen that’s high on rudeness and harshness very kindly.

Also, the intelligence and the receptivity to receive training inputs vary from dog to dog depending on factors like age, health, breed, and ambience and so on. Hence, this is very obvious that your training methodologies will vary depending on the type and the situation of the dog.

However, there are some guidelines that apply to all kind of dogs on a standard basis, as far as training these dogs is concerned. These principles are universal and all dogs will recognize these principles very easily. Let us take a look at these standard training methodologies that you can use for natural dog training.

Natural Dog Training

Natural Dog Training

Shun all shock tactics: Dogs hate the stick and the rude shouts. Natural dog training principles are against the use of violence and beating to achieve a purpose. If you beat your dog to make it do something you want, chances are that it will become defensive or very violent in the future.
Habit is the second nature: This is one of the most important natural dog training principles. Try this experiment: pick up a ball before your dog and throw it and ask your dog to fetch it. After the first few times the ball is fetched, make a mock throw of the ball. The dog will jump and run although you have not thrown the ball.

This is because it has got habituated to the earlier move. One of the most important principles of dog training basics is that once a habit is formed, it is difficult for a dog to break it. So train the dog on all the right things and teach it the right kind of behavior and make it a habit.

Understand your dog: Your dog expresses itself in a number of ways: barks, jumps tail wagging, just to mention a few of them. A basic dog training technique is that you must recognize each and every gesture your dog makes in order to understand the kind of mood your dog is in at the moment.

Natural Dog Training

Natural Dog Training
Here are a few guidelines that you must know in order to master dog training basics:
1. Tail wagging: Indicates a friendly gesture
2. Snarl: Indicates anger and that your dog has possibly spotted a stranger or a fellow dog
3. Tail between the legs: Indicates defensiveness and timidity
All in all, the best dog training technique probably lies in understanding your dog and behaving accordingly.

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